Assumptions are no longer an option.


Over the next decade the Australian retail energy industry is set to experience monumental change. Internationally, we are seeing the proliferation of innovative and scalable disruptive technologies, resulting in the need for energy service providers to adapt to a highly customer centric business model. To respond to this change, the requirement to access transparent, robust and reliable industry data has never been greater. 

At PeakData we are committed to the creation of data services that will significantly assist our clients through this change and provide continuous long term benefits.


Competition makes us faster. Collaboration makes us better.


Energy Data Partnerships


PeakData's partnership approach to establishing new data services is a truely unique offering for the retail energy industry; developing incredibly powerful and valuable data, unlocking previously impossible insights and accurate analysis.

Collaborating directly with energy service providers at all levels of the retail industry, enables our team to identify the essential questions that aren't being answered with current data. We then use this insight to establish data solutions. 


An independent service dedicated to it's energy service partners


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