Retail energy markets are changing and powerful data has never been more essential for success.


Summit is our core retail energy data service.

We've integrated three datasets, segmented by customer type, across both electricity and natural gas markets at an individual meter granularity.

The Process


The process that PeakData has taken to develop Summit is just as important as the outcome itself. In order to create our powerful industry datasets, we have coupled our team's extensive analytical knowledge and energy market experience, with direct engagement of leading energy retailers and future energy service providers to determine their ideal data reporting structures.

Ultimately, this allows PeakData to provide the answers to many questions energy providers can't currently solve. PeakData's reporting addresses the detail, metrics, verticals and frequency that energy retailers need to stay competitive in the changing times ahead for the industry.


Summit is a data service created for and dedicated to its contributing retail energy partners 

PeakData is transforming how we research the market. With the data from Summit, we will have an entirely new strategic perspective and analytical reach.
— Head of Strategy, Partner Retailer

The Benefits

Never before has an independent service like PeakData been created for the energy industry. Using Summit, energy retailers can expect to rapidly increase value analysis delivery in record time. 

The benefits to partnering retailers are extensive, as is the opportunity PeakData offers to retailers to use the datasets in new and creative ways. Through Summit, energy retailers can identify market share and gain previously unattainable understanding of their customers.

Summit can be used to:

  • Create effective strategies
  • Unearth customer insights
  • Analyse size and nature of market segments
  • Optimise lead nurturing processes to creates sales
  • Understand retention rates and reasons for switching
  • Investigate competitors to develop defensive strategies
  • Identify new trends and opportunities for product development

The Datasets

Partner Retailers can access their data through fully customisable analytics dashboards, or as a raw data. All three datasets are linked by:

  • Product key
  • National Metering Identifier (NMI) or Meter Installation Reference Number (MIRN)

The datasets are segmented by energy type and customer type:


  • Residential Customers
  • Commercial & Industrial Customers

Natural Gas

  • Residential Customers
  • Commercial & Industrial Customers

Monthly reported dataset that shows gained and lost customer by NMI and MIRN. 

Monthly dataset that captures all on and off market tariff information by NMI and MIRN.


Quarterly dataset that captures usage figures by NMI and MIRN level.

Competition makes us faster. Collaboration makes us better.

Interested in contributing and gaining access to Australia's innovative and powerful retail energy data service? If so, feel free to reach out to the PeakData team.