Data services for the new energy economy.


Our Services


interval Data automation for energy services.

FastData is our DNSP API service that instantaneously downloads customer interval data, allowing energy service businesses to be able to produce timely and accurate quotes.

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the data service for leading energy retailers

Summit is our core data service, bringing together the customer usage, switching and tariff data of Australia's leading energy retailers.

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By creating new energy data services we offer our customers powerful and unique market insights, whilst simultaneously assisting in the deployment of new energy services and solutions. We are committed to improving reporting,
analysis and research capabilities for the retail energy industry.

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It may not come as a surprise that the team here at PeakData rather enjoys discussing all things data and energy related. Our PeakThink Blog is where we like to publish some of these thoughts, coupled alongside the thoughts of our customers and peers who would like to contribute to the discussion. 

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